What accessibility and inclusion features are available on Workplace?

Workplace includes accessibility and inclusion features that can help you and your colleagues to feel supported at work.
Dark mode
Dark Mode turns Workplace’s background from white to black. It can help reduce eye strain and glare in low light situations and can be better for people with vision impairments.
Auto translate makes it easy for anyone to participate in a discussion on Workplace, regardless of their language skills or fluency. If you see a post in a language other than the default language in your settings click on See translation. The text will automatically translate to your default language. Learn how to change your language settings.
Keyboard shortcuts
Workplace has shortcuts (access keys) for people with vision impairments or anyone else that uses their keyboard to navigate. Keyboard shortcuts differ between browsers.
Automatic alt text
Automatic alt text uses object recognition to create a description of a photo for people with vision impairments.
Navigation assistant
Navigation assistant is a tool for people who use screen readers or keyboard shortcuts to get around Workplace. For anyone who uses their keyboard to navigate, navigation assistant is always the first element on the page, even when it can’t be seen visually.
Adding pronouns to your profile with Status
The status tool lets you share your pronouns with coworkers. On desktop, you can update your status with your pronouns (he/ him, she/her, they/them, etc) and an emoji. Learn more on how to set status on Workplace. You can also edit your pronouns in your profile settings to modify how your notifications address you.
Profile frames
Workplace offers Black Lives Matter profile frames for people who want to show their support for racial justice. Admins have to enable profile frames in the What’s New section of the Admin Panel in order to make them available to users.
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