How do I mark a post as important on Workplace and what happens when I do?

When a system admin or content moderator marks a post as important:
  • It is shown at the top of all group members’ News Feeds.
  • It is shown at the top of the group it was posted in.
  • Important post engagement metrics will be made available.
  • All group members will receive a notification.
Admins, moderators and others with permission to mark posts as important will also have the option to send all group members an email notification.
Creating an important post
To mark a post as important:
  1. Click More on the post and select Mark as important.
  2. Select the number of days the post should be at top of the feed (you can choose from one to seven days).
  3. Choose which call to action button you would like to show with the post.
  4. Choose whether an email notification should be sent to all group members.
  5. Click Confirm.
Important posts will be shown at top of both the group and News Feed for all group members until:
  • The amount of time selected by the admin has passed.
  • The group member has clicked the Mark as Read, Dismiss or Done call to action button.
If more than one post is marked important, the most recent post will be shown first.
The person who originally marked the post as important also has the option to send follow-up notifications.
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